Thursday, April 30, 2009

Death of a Sibling by S. Animashaun

Many claim that they relate to death feelings
And continuous sensation of pain,
Different when it's one of your siblings,
The last view of my brother was insane.

My first role model, but not innocent
An invalid reason for him to die,
His young child left in this predicament
It is unpleasant to see this child cry;

Because his father is no longer here.
Sent to live in peace, so I don't worry
Our Guardian Angel, he's always near
but I shed tears when I tell the story.

I realized that I need help from a friend,
So that these worries can come to an end.

"Dedicated to My Loving Big Brother Reginald Ranson"
-S. Animashaun-

This is by my English teacher, S. Animashaun. In my English class we had to right a sonnet and my teacher gave this sonnet that she wrote in college to us to use as a guide for our sonnet. i thought it was really good and asked her if I could post it. She obviously said yes, and I hope you enjoyed this serious, original, and touching poem.

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